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Energy conservation and carbon reduction have never been so cool.

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Connecting the dots
between ThermaClear®

and your climate action plan

One Easy Step…
One Lifetime Treatment!

Increase Efficiency

Bring your existing system back to its peak performance.

Save Energy

Remove barriers to your HVAC system running smoothly and decrease kWh consumption.

Reduce Cost

Lower your monthly electric bill and avoid premature repair and replacement costs.

Help the Planet

Decrease your carbon footprint while increasing conditioning capacity.

Invest in the future with


15-20% Annual HVAC Operational Savings

Say goodbye to oil fouling

HVAC systems typically become less efficient over time – often from the moment they get installed. Oil build-up impedes heat transfer, reducing the system’s effectiveness and forcing it to work harder and use more energy.

With a single treatment, ThermaClear® cleans the coil system from inside, removing the oil barrier and super-lubricating the compressor. In the process, ThermaClear™ bonds to the interior of the coil walls, forming a permanent barrier against future buildup and protecting against thermal degradation. How cool is that?


Data-backed solutions,
proven results.

Our simple and effective HVAC energy conservation measures are guaranteed to:

  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Lower your electrical costs
  • Contribute to your sustainability goals
  • Restore your HVAC system’s efficiency
  • Control your maintenance costs

You can do it all with ECM Technologies.