Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThermaClear®?

ThermaClear® is a proprietary, long-chain, nanomaterial that removes internal oil-fouling from the interior metal surfaces of HVAC/R heat exchangers to restore efficiency and also prevent it from recurring.

This unique formulation is mixed with POE synthetic refrigeration oil to act as a carrier when installing ThermaClear® in HVAC/R systems. ThermaClear® also super-lubricates the compressor by helping restore system performance, efficiency, while reducing unnecessary strain on the system.

How does ThermaClear® work?

ThermaClear® reverses oil-fouling by removing the boundary oil layer from interior coil walls, and then establishes a protective bond to help prevent future oil deposits, permanently restoring the system to its peak performance.

According to ASHRAE, oil fouling of the heat transfer surfaces of HVAC systems will cause about a 7% loss of efficiency in just the first year alone. Then, a loss of 5% the second year, and an additional 2% loss each year after. Performance capacity and efficiency can degrade up to 30% (or more over time) due to the build-up of oil on internal surfaces of HVAC/R equipment.

What can I expect as a typical payback when installing ThermaClear®?

While the return-on-investment typically occurs within 12 – 36 months, your specific payback will depend on your equipment age, condition, and operational use. Additionally, factors such as your climate zone and local utility rates may have an impact. Our engineering team can assist you with an assessment of your specific conditions to help determine what you can expect.

Has there ever been a claim that ThermaClear® damaged equipment?

No. Never, not once. ThermaClear® is so trusted that vital mission critical facilities such as major financial institutions, FEMA & 911 command center operations, computer data centers, Police & Fire facilities, Art Museums, and International Airports, have all treated their HVAC equipment with ThermaClear®.

How many treatments are required for HVAC equipment?

One treatment of ThermaClear® lasts for the lifetime of the system. There is no need for multiple treatments unless the refrigerant is evacuated or contaminated. After approximately 100-150 hours of running time, the system will achieve the expected results.

Will treatment impact the manufacturer’s warranty?

Absolutely not. ThermaClear® has been installed in all standard original equipment manufacturers (OEM) HVAC brands. ECM Technologies includes an additional $1,000,000 assurance warranty for the life of the equipment. Furthermore, the Magnuson-Moss Act 15 U.S.C. 2301 enabled regulation of consumer product warranties which prohibits OEM’s using warranty disclaimers in an unfair or misleading manner. Since ThermaClear® is 100% compatible with the treated HVAC/R equipment, it does not void. and will never compromise, any OEM warranties.

What is the oldest equipment treated with ThermaClear® to-date and are they still in operation?

ThermaClear® has been installed in 30-plus year-old water-cooled chillers and DX equipment, over 95% of which are still in operation. A recent survey of 1,000 units treated with ThermaClear® had an average equipment age of 11 years, with 37 of the units under 3 years old.

Is there equipment in operation today treated with ThermaClear® that can support your long-term efficacy claims of not damaging equipment?

Yes. The first ThermaClear® treatments go back to the summer of 2017 when pilot programs first commenced. Over 95% of all equipment treated with ThermaClear® between 2017 - 2019 is still in use.

What type of equipment can benefit from having ThermaClear® installed?

While ThermaClear® may be installed in virtually all HVAC-R systems, it should not be installed in equipment with coalescing oil separators or oil-free refrigeration circuits, such as magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers.

What is the lifespan of ThermaClear®?

One application of ThermaClear® will last for the life of the equipment unless the refrigerant is evacuated or contaminated. In those instances, ThermaClear® should be re-installed.

Why have I not heard more about oil fouling before?

The OEMs disclose this in their operational manuals but do not make the consumer directly aware of this issue. The reason is quite simple; they have no way to address the issue and until recently, a proven solution was not available to neutralize oil-fouling, super-lubricate the compressor and restore efficiency.

How is ThermaClear® installed?

ThermaClear® is installed in the low-pressure side of both water-cooled chillers and DX systems. Only certified and licensed HVAC professionals may install ThermaClear®. There are detailed instructions for treating both DX equipment and chillers.

Does the HVAC equipment need to be shut down for ThermaClear® installations?

The equipment must be running during the installation process, so there is no “down time” or disruption of service. The actual installation process takes only a few minutes on DX / split systems and less than a few hours on water-cooled chillers. ThermaClear® begins working immediately after treatment.

Does it matter if the HVAC system uses mineral oil or synthetic POE oil?

ECM Technologies has specifications for both DX/Split systems and water-cooled chiller systems. The equipment specific formulas work in both mineral and synthetic based systems.

Does ThermaClear® have any environmental or special handling/storage requirements?

ThermaClear® is considered toxic and should not be disposed of into sewers or waterways and is toxic to aquatic life. Residual and empty containers must be disposed of in accordance with local laws (see SDS for more details).

ThermaClear® is shippable by air, land, or sea and has no special handling constraints beyond those normally used for refrigerant oil. It should be stored out of direct sunlight at room temperature.

What type of documentation is available for ThermaClear®?

• Material Safety Data Sheets

• ASTM compatibility testing reports

• Efficacy Case Studies.

• Consumer statements

• Video documentation

Where is ThermaClear® manufactured?

ThermaClear® is formulated and manufactured in the United States in a secured, ISO-9001 chemical manufacturing facility and distributed out of Phoenix, AZ.

Does HVAC/R equipment with the new HFO refrigerants require a different process for treatment installation?

ThermaClear® is fully compatible and safely to use with the new HFO refrigerants that are being released to the market. Additionally, the installation process for ThermaClear® is identical, with no variations.

Why is the IFMA Innovation Award noteworthy?

The International Facilities Management Association is a global organization with approximately 24,000 members worldwide that focuses on the collective advancement of knowledge and value for facilities management professionals. The prestigious innovation award is selected by an IFMA judging panel which includes a body of IFMA champions, IFMA fellows, qualified engineering professionals, facility management experts and other industry experts.

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